Rina Depont

RINA DEPONT (formerly M & K)
Our brand was born out of a passion to create exciting, trendy and elegant clothes that do not break the bank in terms of affordability.

We believe that looking good and feeling great about your clothes should not be a once-in-a-while phenomenon but a common experience. We craft clothes with inspiration from Africa and an outlook that is global. Our clothing is meant to cater to our clients in various settings – their corporate, social and personal worlds.

RINA DEPONT is truly about inspired, wearable clothing. We believe in great first impressions. We believe in putting your best SELF forward. Every single day. Our new identity is clean and modern with just a hint of tradition. It has the following elements:

FORM. FUNCTION. STRUCTURE. BALANCE. And of course, the curves that are reminiscent of womanhood.

Welcome to the new Rina Depont (RD). Welcome to a new identity. Welcome to elegance simplified.

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